Water Saving Shower Heads

Save over £300 a year with Low Energy Water Saving.

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Digital Shower Valve

Our vandal proof Digital Shower Valve can be programed to auto shut off after 3-90 seconds. One touch on, One touch off

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Water Saving Shower Heads

Spend and save money on your water bill.


£100 and get 5% off
£250 and get 10% off
£500 and get 15% off
£1,000 and get 20% off

Installation Guide

How to install an Oxygenics Showerhead

  • Handset
  • Height Adjustable Shower Arm
  • Shower Arm Handset Holder

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Water Saving Shower Heads

Our patented showerheads are the most powerfull water saving showerhead on the market. These showerheads can save over £300 a year in water and energy costs

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